Psycho road racer 1893-1894

This Psycho road racer has a light and very fine construction. The word ‘Starley’s’ is written in raised lettering on the brake rubber, and ‘Starley’s Patent’ on the pedals. These bikes were in fact made by the firm of Starley Brothers in Coventry, using the brand name Psycho. The owner found an illustration of this bike in magazine issued in 1893, so is must have been built in 1893 or 1894.

It has unique wheel rims, which were designed to take Starley’s own brand of pneumatic tyres. These tires had a two piece wire bead on each side, the ends of which passed through the rim and were locked in place by a metal and rubber clip, preventing the tire coming off the rim.

The bicycle is remarkably original and unspoilt, with quite a bit of original enamel and nickel remaining. There are a number of very nice and fine features, like the butted spokes and the very light wire lamp bracket. Another wonderful detail is the front wheel brake - it could be detached if someone wanted to race the circuit.

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